What you need to know about me: I am a hard working (farm girl),  opinionated (oldest of 10 kids), unorthodox (daughter of a hippie mama), fierce (muay thai boxer) mama bear.  My favorite humans include my creative and visionary husband Chase and our spirited firstborn Aiden, who have both taught me more about myself and about life than I could ever capture with words.   Our second son, Rowan, stillborn at full term in 2013, changed our world forever.  My healing journey since that time has completely undone me - and miraculously pieced me back together as a dreamer.

I dream of a world where being a mother is a connecting experience instead of an isolating one.  A world where women believe in their innate power and wisdom - trusting their bodies, their intuition, their wonder.

I write to remind myself and others that we are way more than our culture thinks we can be.  

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Womb::: for all of the power, beauty, wounding and stories inside of each of us.

Hearth::: for all of the energy, life, creativity and abundance that we can create.