mellisaofficeI believe that finding connection and balance as women and mothers is one of the most important things we can do – for the quality of our health, our relationships & our work.

Do you wish that motherhood could be a connecting experience instead of such an isolating one?  Are you exhausted from trying to be the perfect mother – easily and naturally – and handling the painful, complicated stuff in life on your own?

What if you could find balance between family & work life, and not feel like one or the other was always suffering?  How do we answer the call to give what the world needs us to give without robbing ourselves and our families of our vital, feminine presence?

Join me and a brave community of women committed to finding true connection and balance as mothers.  Here, we value:

Mothering intentionally while embracing and exposing our imperfections

Constantly exploring and defining what we really want for our lives

Learning to trust our intuition

About Mellisa:  

Before I became a mother, I knew exactly how to be one.  The oldest of 10 kids and a very hardworking, ambitious person, I thought it would be easy to balance raising kids, running a home, and building a business.  Instead, the challenges of motherhood created isolation, anxiety and exhaustion – and disconnected me from my values.  Success as an entrepreneur taught me that anything I set my mind to was possible, but also that it’s easy to wake up one day and realize that some of the sacrifices you’ve had to make have cost too much.

My healing journey since the full term stillbirth of our son Rowan has become the foundation of my desire to pursue mindful and intuitive living – and create space for myself and others to dig deep into the challenging and vulnerable parts of motherhood.  I believe that this is the best work I will ever do

Raised on a farm in Canada, I was brought up with an innate love for simple, natural, rhythmic living.  I met my husband while living abroad in Ireland and we now raise our son in Portland, OR where we enjoy the magical summers and incredible food.  Being from a big family, our home is always full and the kitchen always a mess.  I will plant a garden this year and I can never say no to karaoke or a mediocre post-apocalyptic novel.

“As a mother, stillbirth survivor and believer in the innate power and wisdom of womanhood, I write to remind myself and others that we are way more than our culture thinks we can be.”

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You are not alone. I write to remind myself and others that we are way more than our culture thinks we can be. Come with me?

“This is incredible. I am dying laughing over here. Between sips of pregnancy tea.” ~ Elizabeth M.