Last week, I met a new friend, a friend with a voice and a vehicle and an audience, all in one glorious, enviable package.  She was intimidating in that way that women can be when they own any of their power.  But what was different about her was that she didn’t just own her power – she was also incredibly connected to her intuition.

Throughout the course of the evening we chatted about everything from hormones to sexuality to career, and she shared how a recent interview she’d done had left her feeling like she couldn’t really inhabit her intuition, her femininity, in a male-dominated industry, and more specifically, during this interview with two guys for a show with a male-heavy audience.

The truth is that in our modern world, women have been invited to the table, yet we routinely feel like we have to check our feminine energy at the door to be able to have our ideas or our work or our presence valued.